SNM Global Holdings Strategic Partner Announcement

Miami Beach, Fl.- May 14, 2018

As SNM Global Holdings (OTC: SNMN) finalizes each strategic partnership to bolster their team of experts in the medical cannabis field from the financial, medical, and legal sectors, partners will be announced.

Cannabis Solutions, LLC is excited to announce that a Marijuana Grow Operator has been secured in principle. Jonathan Kaelin has preliminarily agreed to join the company to oversee the Grow and Processing Operations. Mr. Kaelin successfully directed a Medical Grow Operation in Maine since 2012, and recently moved back to Maryland in the hopes of obtaining a Grow License to utilize his industry knowledge and experience on a larger scale. Once the contract is finalized, Mr. Kaelin will oversee and manage all the day-to-day operations of the Grow and Processing Facilitities.

“SNM is highly impressed with the credentials of Jonathan Kaelin,” stated SNM CEO Troy Lowman, “the vast industry knowledge and experience he brings to the table is invaluable and improves our licensing potential tremendously.”

Cannabis Solutions, LLC and Kaelin expect to finalize their agreement within the next 30 days.

Contact Information
Troy Lowman, CEO
Phone (410)733-6551