SNM Global Holdings/Dog on Deck Productions Adds Baltimore Icon to Cast of Their Upcoming Movie “Potential”

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Nov. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SNM Global Holdings(OTC:SNMN) an entertainment/media company, is excited to announce the addition of Ray Lewis, former Baltimore great and future Hall of Famer, to their upcoming comedy “Potential”, due to start filming in early 2018.

Having Ray join our project is exciting and continues our goal to promote and enhance our place in Maryland film industry,” stated SNM CEO Troy Lowman. “His personality and easy going nature should play well within our movie.”

“I am honored and thrilled to be part of the movie ‘Potential’,” said Lewis. “Even more exciting is that the project is Maryland based, obviously near and dear to my heart. I’m looking forward to working with Troy and his crew to expand my repertoire to the big screen.”

Contact information:
Troy Lowman, CEO
Phone: 410-733-6551