Naughty Girls Donuts

Naughty Girls Donuts


Sweet is swell, but quality counts. Naughty Girls Donuts makes scratch-made donuts every day. 

Sweet is swell, but quality counts. Naughty Girls Donuts makes scratch-made donuts every day. Offering an array of gourmet flavors made from fresh, local ingredients, visitors will have a tough time deciding between choices from the Grable Collection (classic cake donuts with a flavorful twist); the Monroe Collection (yeast donuts with unique combinations of toppings); and the Page Collection (yeast donuts with over-the-top fillings). Customers can also personalize their donuts, by ordering hot donuts and adding their own choice of toppings.

Breakfast options include a variety of Donut Palm Panini Sandwiches, and lunch customers can choose between Fried Chicken and Lunch Palm Panini Sandwiches.

And as if pairing a good wine with exquisite upscale donuts isn’t enough, you can also get a Drunkin Donut — for those over 21.

The restaurant look and feel, and the carefully designed wait staff uniforms fit in with the theme. Each outfit is slightly different, and each captures the mood of the shop. Bright reds and pinks abound at every turn; the look is clean and cheerful, with a hint of wholesome naughtiness. While posters of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Bettie Page tempt customers with their come-hither smiles, the donuts also beckon — a sweet indulgence we know we should resist, but choose not to.

The concept seems to mesh perfectly with the food that NGD loves to create — sweet and gooey, with flavors that surprise and delight. Even many of the savory options have a hint of sweetness — chicken served with honey pecan glaze, for instance — and all entrees come with donuts on the side. Of course.  


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