Clarksville, MD – February 13, 2019

During a 2018 legislative session in the Maryland Legislature, a bill was passed to authorize the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to reopen the application process and grant several additional Medical Cannabis Grower and Processor licenses throughout the state. 

BayGrow Solutions is a Maryland Medical Marijuana Cultivation Company that leverages the latest environmental and medical technologies to responsibly produce a product with a goal to aid and replace the usage of opioid based medications, responsibly treat numerous chronic and acute disease states, while leveraging the unique market opportunity to employ and offer entrepreneurial opportunities to disadvantaged minority groups through job and wealth creation while simultaneously making a positive socioeconomic and environmental impact in the State of Maryland.

BayGrow has worked diligently over the past several months to assemble and engage its management, medical, legal, and consulting teams to pursue a Maryland Grower’s License. During the next two months, BayGrow and its comprehensive team will complete the application process, further develop its business, marketing, and compliance strategies, and contract land for its operations facility.

AURA Ventures, an elite global impact strategy and creative influence firm, has aligned with the dynamic team at BayGrow Solutions, to expand sustainable agricultural development of cannabis in Maryland. “The BayGrow team has engaged AURA on the 2019 medical marijuana cultivation licensing round,” said AURA’s Chief Strategist, Jennifer M. Sanders, “We are proud to align with the team at BayGrow given their dedication to environmental and social impact, passing our rigorous client selection process.

The submission deadline for applications to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is April 30, 2019.